IDRPInter-Domain Routing Protocol
IDRPInter Domain Routing Protocol
IDRPInternal Dispute Resolution Process (judiciary procedure)
IDRPICMP Router Discovery Protocol (Cisco)
IDRPIndependent Dispute Resolution Process
IDRPInfectious Diseases Research Program (Queensland University of Technology; Brisbane, Australia)
IDRPInstallation Deployment/Reception Plan
IDRPIntegrated Departure Route Planning (air traffic)
IDRPInterdisciplinary Research Paper
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Bellman-Ford Routing Algorithm, also known as Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm, is used as an algorithm by distance vector routing protocols such as RIP, BGP, ISO IDRP, and NOVELL IPX.
As a consequence, private sector agencies became subject to the statutory obligation to provide monthly reports to the IDRP on their use of seclusion or restraints, for example.
With very straightforward extensions, all of IPv4's routing algorithms (OSPF, RIP, IDRP, ISIS, etc.