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IDRSIllicit Drug Reporting System (Australia)
IDRSInternational Double Reed Society
IDRSIntegrated Data Retrieval System
IDRSIntrusion Detection and Response System
IDRSIndependent Dispute Resolution Service (London, England, UK)
IDRSInternational Direct Response Services (Canada)
IDRSIndicateur de Dépenses de Remboursement de Soins (du secteur libéral)
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According to IDRS score of MDRF, the study population were classified to be low, medium, and high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes were 34.
Table 3 shows different variables used in IDRS screening questionnaire and their scoring system.
Although various questionnaire methods have been adopted by various organizations, still the IDRS developed by MDRF (By Mohan V et al.
The study has been undertaken using standard tool like IDRS tool developed by MDRF.
10 per subject, while the cost of IDRS screening for one subject would be [?
Table II shows the proportion of NDD subjects identified by different IDRS cut-offs as well as the proportions of all study subjects who would require subsequent OGTT.
1 per cent of subjects with IDRS score [greater than or equal to] 60 tested were NDD subjects (54/413), statistically distinct from those testing negative (3.
1 shows a comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of IDRS and genotyping for identifying individuals with undiagnosed diabetes.
The IDRS 2009 public concert series runs from Tuesday until July 25.