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IDVItalia dei Valori (Italian political party)
IDVIndemnité de Départ Volontaire (French: Voluntary Severance Pay)
IDVInternational Distillers & Vintners (UK)
IDVInteractive Data Visualization, Inc (Lexington, SC)
IDVIndividuelle Datenverarbeitung
IDVInstitut pour Deficients Visuels
IDVIndependent Design Verification (engineering)
IDVIn Deo Vivus (Latin: Living in God, epigraphy)
IDVIntegrated Domestic Violence (courts; various locations)
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Our findings suggest that the IDV dimension has a high negative correlation and moderate negative determination in the adoption rates of two of Piskorski's so called broadcast behaviors--microblogging and social networking.
The standardized coefficient shows the unique contribution of IDV to the second function is 0.
2) A high IDV index represents more oriented toward individualism.
For lesions into dentine, the IDV had the highest specificity and AUC while the DD's sensitivity was the lowest of all the methods tested.
MAS, LTO, IDV, UNC, PDI) exhibited equality of variance and were then partitioned into quartiles by nationality.
These two countries have stark contrasts in scores, particularly with regard to PD and IDV.
RTV Ritonavir NVP Nevirapine IDV Indinavir DLV Delavirdine NFV Nelfinavir EFV Efavirenz APV Amprenavir ADV Adefovir LPV Lopinavir TNV Tenofovir SQV-H Saquinavir hard gel caps (Invirase) SQV-S Saquinavir soft gel caps (Fortovase)
First, I was surprised by the sheer [number] of earthquakes that have been recorded," the map's maker, John Nelson, of data visualization company IDV Solutions, told OurAmazingPlanet.
ISLAMABAD, November 16, 2009 (Balochistan Times): National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has started IDV service for immediate identification through SMS.
In 1990, he joined IDV as strategic planning manager for Europe and has since worked across a range of functions.