IDVSIdaho Division of Veterans Services
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IDVS builds upon Rockwell Collins industry-leading vision technologies for aerospace and defense, including the F-35 Lightning II helmet and civil aircraft head-up displays.
The IDVS is designed with an open architecture to provide an easy upgrade path for future technologies that enhance situational awareness.
During the enrollment process, RMV operators will use Digimarc IDVS to scan, authenticate, and archive documents presented by applicants for driver licenses.
Massachusetts RMV investigators will use the facial recognition aspects of IDVS to compare the facial characteristics in a new photo of an applicant against similar facial images in the RMV's database of approximately 10 million portraits from previous applications.
The Digimarc IDVS system aids federal agencies in meeting the requirements of FIPS-201/PIV-1 by enabling the detection of falsified identity credentials such as driver licenses and passports and ensuring the authenticity of documents presented to establish a new or existing employee's identity.
To further enhance the authentication process, the Digimarc IDVS software consolidates authentication results from multiple features and document designs into a secure archive for a more detailed view by authorized personnel.
Digimarc IDVS can be deployed on a stand-alone basis or integrated into new or existing identity verification, document inspection and credential issuance systems.
The Digimarc IDVS system marks a new era in ID security.
The Digimarc IDVS system is initially targeted to serve DMVs and other issuers of government IDs to aid them in meeting American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Security Framework identification guidelines and support the authentication and archiving requirements of the REAL ID Act provisions of Public Law No: 109-13, an emergency supplemental appropriations bill signed into law on May 11.
Designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of identification inspection at the DMV, the Digimarc IDVS offering provides authentication results in an easy-to-read format for operators, supervisors and inspectors.
The modular Digimarc IDVS software is the first to be designed for integration with multiple authentication databases and hardware.
The integration of the Digimarc IDVS system along with leading reader devices, scanners and software provide DMV personnel, law enforcement officials, and system integrators a new and more powerful method to positively authenticate driver licenses and identity documents across a variety of inspection environments -- from police cruisers to transportation access points to DMV offices to forensic labs," said J.