IDioNIntelligent Distribution of NOTAMS
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We are left wondering why Aristotle was confident in the induction that led him to believe being bileless was an idion kata hauto of every particular long-lived animal.
Instead we get a claim that two properties are equally distinctive--that is, though the phrases are not used here, equally idion kath hauto, equally proton katholou--of some group, usually with a justification, sometimes lengthy, for the claim.
Induction is thus an operation that can make clear that two or more properties are distinctive by nature--are idion kath hauto, are primitively universal, are proton katholou--of a kind.
The logos no longer designates the fact that objects partake in the common idea but its integration into the linguistic and political community, which in turn is the rational or speaking and political animal's idion.
In the City there is no oikeion without a head of household, no idion without distribution among equals.
And that is why the idiotes, the private individual, and the idion, its exclusive proper, have a place in his `polity' (politeia), but not in Plato's Republic (politeia).
With the funds received from the sale of our Idion shares, the Company's cash balances are at record levels.
05 per share excluding the gain on the sale of its shareholding in Idion.
DataMirror (Nasdaq: DMCX)(TSX: DMC), today announced that it has sold all of its shares of Idion Technology Holdings Limited ("Idion") in a market trade executed through the facilities of the JSE Securities Exchange.
At this point in time we thought it was in the best interests of the shareholders of both companies that we conclude our investment in Idion," commented Nigel Stokes, President and Chief Executive Officer of DataMirror.
Stokes also commented, "DataMirror increased our investment in Idion by approximately 4% this quarter and now owns approximately 43% of Idion.
0 899 Future income taxes (202) (68) Investment tax credits (35) 113 Non-cash operating expense 19 38 Non-cash interest expense 0 30 Non-cash foreign exchange loss 0 31 1,547 1,211 Changes in non-cash working capital balances 2,697 2,621 4,244 3,832 Investing activities Capital asset additions (134) (502) Sale of short-term investments 25,802 27,422 Investment in Idion (93) (354) Acquisition of technology (30) 0 25,545 26,566 Financing activities Capital lease payments (40) (33) Issuance of share capital 159 206 Repurchase of share capital (661) (287) (542) (114) Increase in cash and cash equivalents 29,247 30,284 Cash and cash equivalents Beginning of period 13,025 9,073 End of period $42,272 $39,357