IEAAInteractive Entertainment Association of Australia (now Interactive Games and Entertainment Association; Eveleigh, New South Wales, Australia)
IEAAInternational Education Association of Australia (Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia)
IEAAInternational Education Appeal Authority (New Zealand)
IEAAInternational Education Accreditation Authority (est. 1964)
IEAAInstitute for Egyptian Art and Archaeology (University of Memphis; Memphis, TN)
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IEAA (2012) highlights the need for increased opportunities in the higher-education sector to enable international students to gain relevant work experience and establish local networks.
There has been debate on strategies which may enhance the participation of international students in WIL Clarifying the process of WIL--particularly surrounding legalities and visa regulations for international students--to raise the understanding of its precise meaning and the roles and responsibilities expected by all stakeholder groups may increase the success of WIL programs and employers' willingness to participate (see IEAA 2012).
Another, reason for increased IEAA flow in precision-fed ileal digestibility assay could be the fasting period.
In spite of the Iranian leadership's tensions with the IEAA and the US administration, no hard evidence has been found that Iran will proceed to the production of nuclear weapons.
texan, Ip IAEO Shijimiaeoides battoides allyni, Ia (5 vowels solid) IAOO Tiao-o-pao, China, 40[degrees]42, 115[degrees]54 Ch'ien-nan-pu-i-tsu-miao-o-tsu Tzu-chih-chou, China, 26[degrees]16, 107[degrees]31 IEAA Die Aar se Loop, South Africa,--32[degrees]56, 23[degrees]08 IEEE The Eye-triple-E (see text) "Various--We Call It Acieeed
Through the IEAA, we have been tasked as part of a consortium to develop a waste heat recovery solution for the asphalt industry with a view to it being rolled out across the whole sector.