IECIIndependent Electoral Commission of Iraq
IECIIndependent Electrical Contractors Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
IECIIndustrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation (IEEE)
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The Convention for facilitating the international circulation of Films of an Educational Character, initiated by the IECI in Rome, proposed to carry out a wide set of measures for promoting an international exchange of films including granting an exemption from customs fees, setting technical standards, and improving information exchange.
Ballots were taken to IECI headquarters in Baghdad for processing and counting.
Para analizar las evidencias de validez se ha calculado la correlacion entre las puntuaciones del SSI-SM y las obtenidas con los instrumentos IECI, ASQ, AQ, YSR y SWLS con 946 participantes que cumplimentaron todos los cuestionarios.
The IECI should use media to announce the request within three days," he added.
The cost was about $250 million, of which $130 million was offset by international donors, including about $40 million from the European Union and the following from the United States--$40 million to improve IECI capacity; $42.
Allawi's supporters have questioned whether the IECI is sufficiently independent to issue judgments against powerful political forces such as the UIA.
The IECI claimed that these irregularities were a manifestation of the poor security situation in Ninewah, Anbar, and other regions and not a problem that exclusively affected a particular segment of the population.
reconstruction funds, the United States provided $40 million to improve IECI capacity; $42.
The IECI said its three employees were ambushed by unknown insurgents armed with AK-47s and hand grenades on a Baghdad road while travelling to work by car.
The team met officials of the IECI, political entities, a number of civil society organizations and representatives of the international community in Iraq.
0 MW proves to be a best-seller turbine, optimising energy production and driving down the overall cost of energy for IECI and IECII sites, comments Juan Araluce, acting President, Vestas Mediterranean and Chief Sales Officer, Vestas Wind Systems A/S.