IECSInstitute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies (University of Hull; Hull, England, UK)
IECSImproved Environmental Clothing System (Canadian forces)
IECSInstituto Europeo Campus Stellae (Spanish: European Institute Stellae Campus; Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
IECSIntegrated Environment for Communication on Ship (Selex Communications)
IECSIntegrated Environmental Control System
IECSInland Empire Commuter Services (Riverside, CA)
IECSIntelligent Enterprise Control System
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The economic crisis' effects on global Foreign Direct Investments", IECS, Universitatea Lucian Blaga, Sibiu, 2012.
8] IECS is the only Argentinean institution (and one of only a few in Latin America) affiliated with the international network INAHTA.
With direct support from AHPSR, PAHO, and IECS, the implementer-researcher dyads worked on developing a first draft of the embedded research protocol.
Staff from the IECS technical assistance center and from PAHO traveled to each of the country sites to discuss barriers and facilitators to executing programs, as well as to develop the implementation research protocols.
Data collection activities were supported by IECS and PAHO.
data analysis meeting for the second round of grants, also included presentations by IECS on qualitative study design and the analysis of qualitative data.
Neacsu, Financing public healthcare "a sustainable and development system factor, Proceedings of the 20th International Economic Conference - IECS 2013, Sibiu, Romania, 17-18 May, 2013.
Since statistics on the prevalence of conditions such as cancer, stroke or heart disease are not systematically collected in most Latin American countries, the innovative work of the LatinCLEN Tobacco Research Group and IECS helped to overcome important obstacles.
Estimaciones del IECS (Pichon Riviere y col, comunicacion personal) muestran que, cada ano, el tabaquismo consume cerca de 34 000 millones de dolares de los presupuestos sanitarios de los paises de America Latina.