IEDRIe Domain Registry
IEDRIE Domain Registry (Ireland national country code top level domain registry)
IEDRInitial Engineering Design Review
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In Figure 5, the IDDR curve lies well above the IDR, EDR and IEDR curve for all.
Both IDR and EDR are in-domain feature extraction mechanism and IEDR is cross-domain feature extraction.
The IEDR research surveyed 501 SMEs to examine their online presence, including their e-commerce capabilities.
Commenting on the research, IEDR chief executive David Curtin said: "Now in its fifth year, the aim of the Optimise Fund is to encourage and enable Irish SMEs or micro enterprises to make greater use of existing web technologies and upgrade the e-commerce functionality of their websites.
For each extracted candidate feature, estimate its domain relevance of an opinion feature using identifying the IEDR algorithm.
MsNeylon said: "We are in good company with all of the registrars and infrastructure organisations that are involved in the IEDR PAC.