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IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (technology advancement organization)
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These standards are an integral part of the connected world," said Bill Ash, strategic program manager, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA).
Massoud Amin is a senior member of IEEE, chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, and a Fellow of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).
IEEE places a high value on rewarding individuals who have made contributions that significantly impacted the EDA community," said Al Dunlop, president of the IEEE Council on EDA.
Symmetricom is the first to offer an IEEE 1588 test and measurement solution to help customers verify the performance of IEEE 1588 products in their networks," commented Paul Skoog, product marketing manager at Symmetricom.
Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks: Enabling Wireless Sensors with IEEE 802.
The workshop is open to all professionals interested in helping to develop IEEE 2407[TM], "Architecture and Framework Reference Implementation for Personalized Health Informatics (PHI)".
One of the primary goals for the revised version of IEEE 1625," says Baronas, "is to establish liaisons with key standards development organizations and stakeholders to ensure better coordination, avoid conflict, and support collaboration to improve battery standardization globally.
Flexibility and convenience are key factors to consider when selecting test equipment for IEEE 1394 products," says Jan de Vries, CEO of DapTechnology.
An IEEE Life Fellow, Kailath is receiving IEEE's highest award "for exceptional development of powerful algorithms in the fields of communications, computing, control and signal processing.
Until now, we've allowed the inclusion of essential patents in IEEE standards if patent holders assure us they will license their patents without compensation or with reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms (RAND).
Motorola has been a leader in the creation of many IEEE standards.