IEHAInitiative to End Hunger in Africa (USAID)
IEHAInternational Economic History Association
IEHAInternational Executive Housekeepers Association, Inc.
IEHAIllinois Environmental Health Association
IEHAIndiana Extension Homemakers Association (est. 1913)
IEHAIntegrated Environment and Health Assessment
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Spic and Span is an EPA-registered disinfectant developed to enable a simpler approach to cleaning and disinfecting, and cleaning professionals validated that unanimously in the IEHA Field Test.
Within USAID Southern Africa, IEHA probably makes the most use of institutions of higher learning.
In FY2006, USAID made available an estimated $47 million for IEHA activities.
2008a), 'Euro Area Enlargement and Euro Adoption Strategies', IEHAS Discussion Papers, 0824, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences