IEPFInstitut de l'Energie et de l'Environnement de La Francophonie (French: Francophone Institute of Energy and Environment; Quebec, Canada)
IEPFInternational Eurasia Press Fund (Azerbaijan)
IEPFInvestor Education Protection Fund
IEPFInternational Emma Protection Force (Emma Cult; UK)
IEPFIndonesia Education Promoting Foundation
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has been transferred to IEPF after the expiry of the mandatory period of seven years, for the period from 2001-02 to 2015-16 (upto 26.
With this launch in Tamil, the common man can now access the IEPF website in seven languages - Assamese, Bangle, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kanada and Tamil.
37 crore has been credited to the IEPF, which forms part of the Consolidated Fund of India (CFI), for the period 2001-02 to 2012-13.