IEQIndoor Environmental Quality (synonymous with IAQ)
IEQImproving Educational Quality
IEQInitial Enrollment Questionnaire (US Medicare)
IEQInstitute for Environmental Quality (Wright State University; Dayton, OH)
IEQIsotopic Equilibrator
IEQInstructor Evaluation Questionnaire (higher education; various locations)
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For controlling the lab room space airflow and IEQ, it is usually best to look at the contaminant levels in the room differentially, subtracting the contaminants in the supply airflow from the exhaust or room levels.
Studies in the IEQ category only focused on IAQ (Figure 4).
Rippin accuses IEQ of lacking complexity again and again (p.
Until recently, engaged scholarship has required that same agnosticism but a new Muslim academic tradition is emerging and it is within this trend that IEQ sees itself as both participating and helping to shape, all of which will be part of a "paradigmatic reconfiguration" of Quranic studies.
IEQ looks at the quality of air (from microbial and chemical perspectives), thermal comfort (temperature, humidity, air velocity, uniform cooling, as opposed to zone-based), acoustical comfort and vibration," says Surendar.
Contadora, fungio como coordinadora de Partidos y Asociaciones Politicas del IEQ desde 2003.
Pay particular attention the ventilation rates and indoor environmental quality by tracking, logging and communication of IEQ data to the management and tenants.
9 1 3 15 32% 4% 11% 54% F2 RFID-based material checking 8 3 7 10 29% 11% 25% 36% G1 IEQ monitoring sys.
Occupants have low satisfaction towards the acoustics performance of the building although others IEQ criteria have high satisfaction score; the research also found sound privacy is the main concern of the problem.
2]) LEED reference Insulation 275 2750 30 300 130 1300 275 6050 30 660 130 2860 130 7540 IEQ.
To measure staff satisfaction related to the environment, an occupant IEQ survey developed by the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) at the University of California, Berkeley, was distributed to both the Adelante Healthcare Mesa and Surprise sites to measure occupant response to the built environment surrounding satisfaction and perceived productivity over a range of criteria.