IERCIndustrial Engineering Research Conference (annual)
IERCInternational Electronics Recycling Congress (annual)
IERCInternational Electronic Research Corporation
IERCInternational Enuresis Research Center
IERCIllinois EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) Research Center (est. 1985; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
IERCInternational Epilepsy Resource Center (online database)
IERCIndependent Evaluation Review Committee
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Abdullah Turkistani, director of IERC, presided over the seminar entitled "Asset Management with an Islamic Perspective.
O detalhamento dos calculos para a obtencao do IERC dos fundos e dado no Apendice A, utilizando o Fundo de Pensao A e o Fundo de Pensao D como exemplos.
A Tabela 10 apresenta o IERC calculado usando nossa proposta para cada um dos seis fundos de pensao.
Neste apendice descrevemos os calculos para mensuracao do IERC de dois (dentre os seis) fundos de pensao brasileiros considerados no exemplo numerico.
The results of the IERC [Illinois Education Research Council] analyses indicated a less severe "gap" between the highest and lowest poverty district quartiles and a positive "gap" for high minority district quartiles when compared against the district quartiles with the lowest minority presence, as compared to results presented by The Education Trust.
In order to help the state of Illinois assess the extent to which it is providing access to educational opportunities that lead to successful transitions to college and the workforce, the IERC is undertaking a six-year longitudinal study following the 113,660 students in the Illinois high school class of 2002.
In order to help Illinois policymakers and education administrators assess whether the State's public high school graduates are ready to enter and succeed in college, the IERC is undertaking a six-year longitudinal study of the Illinois Class of 2002.