IESBInland Empire Strikes Back
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Recognising that the Gulf states were not represented on these boards, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the parent body of the IAASB and the IESB, invited the DFSA and the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to join the advisory groups as the Gulf States Regulatory Authorities.
In terms of management, forb cover was greatest in IESB (0.
IESB = intensive early-stocked burned, SLSB = season-long stocked burned, SLSU = season-long stocked unburned pasture.
While the creation of the environmental protection areas and of the park reserve represented a victory for IESB, it was only the beginning.
The next step for Rocha and IESB was to enlist the help of the citizens of Itacare in preserving the environment as a way of promoting income-producing tourism.
After a great deal of discussion, IESB founded the Floresta Viva (Living Forest) Project.
based NGO that is a major participant in the corridor project, together with IESB, CI's local partner.
Consider the organic cocoa program run by the Bahian environmental group IESB (Instituto de Estudos Socio-Ambientais do Sul da Bahia).
IESB has already developed a proven organic cocoa program.