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IEUInteger Execution Unit
IEUIntermediate Educational Unit
IEUInsane Editors Unite ( group)
IEUIzmir Ekonomi Universitesi (Turkish: Izmir University of Economics)
IEUIatrogenic Europe Unite (Alliance; Netherlands)
IEUIndustrial Estate Unit (Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank)
IEUInternal/External Upset (thread end finish)
IEUInternet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
IEUIndividual Equipment Unit
IEUIdiot End User
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Launching multi-lateral common exchanges and special commodities exchanges in the member countries of IEU were among other issues which were discussed during the session.
The IEU includes Commodity Exchange of Armenia (Yercomex), Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE), Kazakhstan Commodity Exchanges ICEX and CEX, Kyrgyzstan Commodity Exchange (KUCEX), Ukraine Commodity Exchange (UCEX) and Agricultural commodity Exchange of Ukraine and two commodity distribution systems from Armenia and Belarus.
Los valores de IEU y IEUPM permanecieron constantes durante el periodo del ensayo en los tres tratamientos (P > 0,05).
0 47,6 -- % pH >5,5 [menor que o igual a] 5,8 21,4 15,0 23,8 -- %pH x [menor que o igual a] 5,5 33,4 30,0 28,6 -- NH4 ruminal (mmol/L) basal 2,83 2,57 3,00 0,37 NH4 ruminal (mmol/L) 4,31 4,76 4,89 0,32 IEU basal 3,55 3,91 3,65 0,2 IEU 3,6 3,55 3,38 0,12 IEUPM basal 458 492 470 30,0 IEUPM 477 450 449 17,8 Variable P tratamiento P tratamiento * dia pH ruminal basal 0,2094 -- pH ruminal 0,9277 <0,0001 % pH > 5,8 * -- -- % pH >5,5 [menor que o igual a] 5,8 -- -- %pH x [menor que o igual a] 5,5 -- -- NH4 ruminal (mmol/L) basal 0,7027 -- NH4 ruminal (mmol/L) 0,4161 <0,0001 IEU basal 0,4268 -- IEU 0,3813 0,3741 IEUPM basal 0,7226 -- IEUPM 0,4606 0,4325 * % no incluyen valores dia 0.
8) Ello llevo a muchos pastores mocovi de San Lorenzo a buscar volver al seno de la IEU.
Esto nos permite reflexionar en torno a que significa tanto para los mocovi como para las autoridades de la IEU "ser parte de" y cual es el uso estrategico que hacen los mocovi de la ambiguedad acerca del significado de la nocion de "pertenecer"
When the IEU leadership is in place, dialogue with division representatives will be possible.
17) Washington agreed with public comments that IEU monitoring, reporting, and recordkeeping requirements would result in excessive paperwork and would likely decrease the ability of permitting agencies to effectively enforce Title V permits.
EPA then granted interim approval of Washington's program, conditioning final approval upon Washington's amendment of its IEU rules to disqualify any emission unit subject to any applicable requirement, general or specific.
The IEU is an international Union which attempts to connect CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, a regional organization whose participating countries are former Soviet Republics) and Eastern Europe commodity exchanges.
The IME hosted the 2nd annual meeting of the IEU on November 15-16.
Speaking to reporters in a press conference in Tehran on the second day of IEU meeting in Tehran on Sunday, Vardikian, who is also the managing-director of Armenia's Stock Exchange, played down the effectiveness of sanction on the progressive trend of establishment and reinvigoration of ties between the IME and the IEU, and said, "Incorrect policies have never been supported by any Armenian official, and meantime, the IEU members are not faced any restriction to trade their commodities with Iran, so no government or person can prevent Tehran and international mercantile exchanges to conclude mutual contracts.