IFCAInshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (UK)
IFCAThe Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act of 2012
IFCAIndependent Fundamental Churches of America
IFCAInternational Funboard Class Association
IFCAInternational Flight Catering Association
IFCAIllinois Fire Chiefs Association
IFCAInternational Forza Club Association
IFCAInternational Friend Code Alliance (online forum)
IFCAInternational Forum of Catholic Action
IFCAInternal Functional Configuration Audit
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IFCA has announced that its Chinese 100% subsidiary IFCA Guangzhou Technology Co Ltd won the fully-signed and endorsed contract recently.
Trofimovich alleged claims for breach of contract, common law bad faith, WCPA violations, and IFCA violations.
SIFCA (2013) Sussex IFCA introduce adaptive management measures to protect oyster stock.
705, 723 (2015) (noting IFCA addresses transportation of goods "related to energy development, weapons programs, or shipbuilding").
Immediately, after IFCA assets of the national fund and the Single pension savings will find their managers.
In August 1950, Mr Santamaria of the Catholic Action Secretariat approached me about the formation of something similar to the proposed IFCA, complete with blue print and all, to be a "front" behind which Anti-Communist work would be carried out.
epsilon]] operator and IFCA operator proposed by Xu (2010), we first introduce the following lemma.
A program developed by the IFCA is designed to do just this.
It appears to me that the Boston fishermen are being deprived of a living through practices outside IFCA control so it comes down heavily on those they do have the power to control -- the fishermen themselves.
The solution provider representatives are from Power Dekor Group, IFCA Consulting Group, Winsun Material, MRI Softward LLC, Shoppertrack Technology, KOHLER, Sofmy China and etc.
Speaking on behalf of IFCA, Alun Roderick told the town council meeting that Assembly government cash required to upgrade the A48 would not be available for at least five years and described the application as premature.