IFERInternational Foundation for Ethical Research (Chicago, IL)
IFERInstitute of Forest Ecosystem Research (est. 1994; Czech Republic)
IFERInstitute for Ethnographic Research (George Washington University; Washington, DC)
IFERIt.fan.tv.er (Italian Usenet Newsgroup on ER television drama)
IFERInstitute of Foreign Economic Relations (Russia)
IFERInternet Finite Element Resource (software)
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IFER would be followed by a demonstration power plant.
The tool will also cover the additional taxes transferred or created by the State in the context of tax reform included in the Finance Act for 2010 that are: IFER, The Tascom, The additional fee to non bati land.
That system senses the torsional speed variations in an engine and then ifers the power contribution from individual cylinders," Moseman said.