IFFCInternational Friendship Football Club (est. 1994; Beijing, China)
IFFCIntegrated Flight & Fire Control
IFFCInternational Federation of Film Clubs
IFFCInternational Fighter Flight Centre (Australia)
IFFCInternational Fly Fishing Center
IFFCInternational Financial Fraud Convention
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The IFFC concluded that "the IDF was responsible for the crime of indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on civilians" and wanton destruction of property" - clear evidence of crimes of war and against humanity.
As a result, IFFC members "found that members of the IDF committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly, genocide in the course of operation Cast Lead.
Beginning with a base of five stores, IFFC tripled its business with the opening of ten new locations in 1998.
With hopes of becoming the largest pizza delivery company in Poland, IFFC will continue expanding and plans to open more Domino's franchises.
In fact, we're way ahead of schedule," said Mitchell Rubinson, Chairman of IFFC.
In June 1997, IFFC was operating a total of eight Burger King restaurants in Poland.