IFHPInterim Federal Health Program (Service Canada)
IFHPInternational Federation for Housing and Planning
IFHPInternational Federation of Health Plans (est. 1968)
IFHPInterstitial Fluid Hydrostatic Pressure (physiology)
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4-6) Concerns for refugees and claimants, voiced by Canadian health care organizations and professionals, prompted the Federal Court of Canada to reassess the impact of the IFHP changes.
27) In light of the IFHP and its divide from OHIP, the medical-legal landscape in Canada poses immediate barriers to the care of refugee patients via technology, e.
We look at these numbers every year and it's always a shocking demonstration of how much procedures and prescription drugs actually cost," IFHP Chief Executive Tom Sackville said in a written statement.
Although I have contended that refugee claimants who are lawfully present in Canada are prima facie within the CHA's definition of resident, their disentitlement to medicare does not necessarily contravene the universality provision in light of their receipt of IFHP benefits.
These two groups have cooperated in organising an ongoing campaign against the IFHP cuts, culminating in the litigation discussed in the first section of this paper.
45) The current structure of the IFHP was established by an Order-in-Council in 1957 (the Order) that authorized the payment of medical expenses for two classes of noncitizen, "in cases where the immigrant or such person lacks the financial resources to pay these expenses" (46):
In June, the diocese and Hospitality House, a refugee ministry in Winnipeg, filed a suit against the federal government over the changes to the IFHP.
When asked how changes to the IFHP will affect refugees, Sabah noted that there will be an increased risk amongst women and children facing sexual and physical abuse as they are pushed away from the places and clinics that should help them.
The value of international exchanges of the type provided by IFHP Congresses is becoming increasingly relevant as understanding global influences and how to shape them play an ever vital role in planning the future of cities.
At the IFHP World Congress, he will make a keynote speech on the "Re-construction and Revitalization of Downtown Manhattan.
But when the world congress of the IFHP comes to Glasgow, it will generate expenditure of around pounds 1 million in the local economy.
Significant cuts to the IFHP were implemented in June 2012 by the Conservative federal government (2006-15), who justified these cuts through public statements portraying refugee claimants as bringing bogus claims that inundate the refugee determination system.