IFIARInternational Forum of Independent Audit Regulators (Netherlands)
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The MMoU aims to encourage and strengthen information sharing and co-operation to offer mutual assistance among IFIAR Members.
The authority's chief executive, Ian Johnson, signed the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators' (IFIAR) MUlitlateral MoU during the IFIAR plenary meeting in Tokyo.
The MoU, already signed by 21 audit regulators worldwide, aims to encourage information sharing and cooperation among IFIAR members.
Fornelli: I think that coordinating with other standards setters as well as IFIAR may have shifted the PCAOB's attention away from performance standards towards strategic issues.
I do think they lost their way, and I'm pleased to see they are taking on leadership with IFIAR, just as FASB has with global accounting standards that apply in the United States, because we were at risk of losing our primacy.
The following summary is based upon my review of PCAOB inspection reports, AICPA peer review reports, and IFIAR reports.
PCAOB, AICPA and IFIAR have identified audit deficiencies relating to internal control (IC) over financial reporting.
The PCAOB, the AICPA, and IFIAR believe the failure to link risk assessment with audit procedures is a critical audit deficiency.