IFOAMInternational Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
IFOAMInternational Federation of Agriculture Movements (est. 1972; Bonn, Germany)
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In some cases consumers do not remunerate these organizational efforts at the same rate in the short term, as evidenced by the statistics of the past decade according to the records of the international forum of the Organic Movement, the International Forum for Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM or (2008).
Katherine DiMatteo, president of the world board at IFOAM, said the two guidelines are very similar--even identical in some places--but stressed Codex' rules has more clout when it comes to solving organic trade disputes.
In 2003, UNCTAD, FAO, and IFOAM formed the International Task Force on Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture (ITF) to pursue this approach in that area.
Beginning in the early 1990s, IFOAM put in place a regional structure that permits it to operate more effectively as a global actor.
13th International Scientific IFOAM Conference, Basel, Switzerland, August 2000.
AMAJOR supermarkets own-label organic food and drink will be certified by IFOAM accredited bodies, by this month, ensuring the highest organic standards and integrity of any supermarket.
The IFOAM standard offers a common international standard for organic certification.
In addition, Sainsbury's will encourage all its suppliers to become members of IFOAM.
A recent IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, Bonn, Germany) survey found that the area on which organic coffee is grown increased from 180,000 ha in 2004 to 610,000 ha (hectares) in 2011 and is expected to increase moderately.
PGS trials are now underway in five Pacific countries and IFOAM - the global umbrella organization for organic agriculture -- now recognizes it as a valid certification method.
Due to this the Satine Organic Milk has received the recognition of the IFOAM, becoming the only Chinese dairy brand with a membership to the IFOAM.