IFPCInterfraternity Parents Council (University of Southern California)
IFPCIdaho Forest Products Commission
IFPCIndirect Fires Protection Capability (defense)
IFPCIntegrated Flight Propulsion Control (JSF)
IFPCIn-Flight Phone Corporation
IFPCIcelandic Freezing Plants Corporation
IFPCInter-Frame Procedure Call (library facilitating communication)
IFPCInternational Foreign Policy Center (Washington DC)
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The AIM-9X IFPC is scheduled for a Milestone B decision this summer, signifying the end of the technology maturation and risk reduction phase.
Within the framework of the IFPC, and further to the Administrative Councils approval of
exercise, the contractor shall focus work under the responsibility of the IFPC Secretariat
The extent to which the current Operational Guidelines of the IFPC are successful
There are not a lot of people out there to sell to," said Bunnell "we don't have 10,000 customers, we have a much smaller universe - it is more about relationship building and building confidence in our company - IFPC brings strong financial wherewithal and credibility to the table.
The IFPC seeks governmental policies that "honor a biblical standard" and has led an ongoing effort to overturn same-sex marriage in Iowa.
IFPC Communications Director Bryan English told the Independent, "This isn't a civil rights issue.
The Independent reported that in 2004 and 2005, the IFPC received a total of $850,000 from the Administration for Children and Families' Compassion Capital Fund.
Those monies were parceled out in annual increments of $550,000 and were to be awarded to IFPC through 2011.
Last year SIF and IFPC held merger negotiations but the talks were later terminated.