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IFPMAInternational Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations
IFPMAInternational Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations
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Prior to her new role at IFPMA, Gallagher headed the corporate communications position at Ferring Pharmaceuticals for 12 years and was also responsible for its corporate social responsibility programme and led its CSR taskforce.
the WHO directive on marketing practices which is followed by all units of XB worldwide and coordinated through IFPMA and its national and local chapters.
Requiring worldwide adherence to FDA regulations also concerns the IFPMA, Mr.
This mandatory requirement was one of the reasons the pharmaceutical groups included a registry in their proposal, Maciej Gajewski, manager of health care systems issues at IFPMA, told this newspaper.
Un dirigente de la IFPMA dijo "aun con los mas bajos precios los mas pobres del mundo no tendran acceso a tratamientos para la malaria, TB y otras enfermedades" (Economist, 04/28/2001).
IFPMA (2002) Partnerships for the Developing World.
IFPMA representatives complained that the deal undid all of their progress in getting TRIPS adopted -- an exaggeration by any measure, but a clear sign of their frustration.
IFPMA, however, said that Brazil does not have the capacity to produce good quality generic medicines.
1] "Q1AR2: stability testing of new drug substances, products IFPMA," in Proceedings of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH '03), Geneva, Switzerland, 2003.
To further these efforts, in May 2010, IFPMA identified 10 principles on counterfeit medicines.