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IFREMERl'Institut Francais de Recherché Pour l'Exploitation de La Mer (French: French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)
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1) Ifremer, UMR EI0241, Labex Corail, Centre du Pacifique, BP 7004, 98719 Taravao, Tahiti, French Polynesia; (2) Gauguin's Pearl Farm, BP 191, 98776 Avatoru, Rangiroa, Archipel des Tuamotus, French Polynesia
Criticism has been directed at EC fisheries agreements for enabling European fleets to compete directly with local fishermen in third countries for the resources that they depend upon (Kaczynski and Fluharty, 2002; SSNC, 2009; IFREMER (21)).
However, according to the IFREMER researcher, an 80% reduction is necessary.
This paper is dedicated to my friend, Daniel Bideau, a former IFREMER marine scientist who died on April 1, 2006 in Brest, France.
It is being arranged jointly by the SEAFOODplus Secretariat and IFREMER, the French Institute for Research and Exploitation of the Sea.
ECA and IFREMER Toulon, France, recently conducted a series of sea trials to evaluate Alistar's capacity to carry scientific payloads and to perform subsea tasks.
IFREMER played a leading role in the discovery of Titanic and has collaborated with RMS Titanic, Inc.
Jean-Paul Cadoret, Director, Algae Physiology and Biotechnology Laboratory, Ifremer, France,
Contract notice: Call for tenders concerning benefits of geographic and functional support to employees of the headquarters of ifremer.
This work was supported by the Moored Fish Aggregating Device in the Lesser Antilles (MAGDELESA) project cofounded by IFREMER and the Fonds europeen de developpement regional (FEDER) within the framework of the INTERREG Caraibes Programme (contract no.
The main objectives of this database are to manage and exploit data provided by environmental survey networks undertaken by Ifremer.