IFRFInternational Flame Research Foundation
IFRFInternet Fax Routing Forum
IFRFInstitut Fédéral de Recherches Forestières
IFRFInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IFRFIndividual Flight Record Folder
IFRFInducing Features of Random Fields
IFRFInverse Frequency Response Function
IFRFIsing Ferromagnet in a Random Field
IFRFInstitutet för Rättsvetenskaplig Forskning
IFRFIntermediate Frequency/Radio Frequency
IFRFIn-Flight Re-Fueling
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The IFRF is a worldwide network of industrial companies and academic institutes working to achieve cleaner and more efficient industrial combustion.
European industry is capable of designing and producing global positioning system-inertial navigation system (GPS-INS) kits, ALCMs, LGBs, and IFRF aircraft.