IFRIMAInternational Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations
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Earlier, she worked as IFRIMA s Executive Vice President for two years and has been involved with the organization since the early 1990s.
Roth, Throughout the years, IFRIMA has provided me with invaluable resources, connections and a global perspective on risk management that has directly contributed to the valuable opportunities we deliver to RIMS members and our constituents around the world.
I've already floated one very preliminary idea about creating an IFRIMA foundation that could serve a role similar to that of the Spencer Foundation in the United States, i.
IFRIMA's 1993-1994 chairman, Kevin Knight, risk manager adviser for Australia Post in Brisbane, expresses that the fact that IFRIMA has survived 10 years is a significant accomplishment.
Over the past decade, IFRIMA has brought together under one common banner risk management associations spanning six continents.
Settembrino acknowledges the "the goals were always very ambitious," he notes that IFRIMA has been successful to varying degrees, citing advances in risk management education and that several forums, such as the annual RIMS Conference and the biannual AEAI/RIMS Monte Carlo Forum, are now paying more attention to the exchange of ideas on an international scale.
Regardless of the activities this committee chooses to map out for the Federation, in the abstract, IFRIMA will strive to promote the free exchange of ideas and information on risk management, the professional development of risk management practitioners, the advancement of risk management practices within developing countries, and the creation of national and regional risk management associations.
Lamand, there are several steps IFRIMA must take in order to further its goals.
Lamand feels that IFRIMA must take is to reinforce an image of professionalism.
At present, members provide information regularly to IFRIMA on the status of their associations, legislative news affecting risk and insurance in their countries, news on the state of their local markets, and notice of relevant conferences being organized.
Knight adds that "indeed, if IFRIMA had not been formed in 1984, the need for such an organization would have arisen by the late 1980s as the globalization of enterprises created the need for the exchange of local risk management knowledge with offshore risk managers.
IFRIMA was now officially established as a not-for-profit organization, administered by a board of directors (composed of one director from each member association) and elected officers.