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The Muslim versions begin with the twenty-seventh Sura of the Qur an, "The Ant," which is, in itself, longer than the biblical tale and contains elements not found in the Bible: the hosts of Solomon consisting of jinn, humans, and birds; the speech of the ant to Solomon; the story of the hoopoe; the reactions of the queen and of her male advisors to Solomon's letter to her; the transport of her throne by an ifrit, one of the jinn, to Solomon's palace; and the tale of the floor of glass in Solomon's palace which the queen thought to be a pool of water.
In Saudi Arabia, there is still a belief that Ifrits or devils haunt the lonely spaces of the great desert wastes and appear under the moonlight where they trap the unwary by tempting them into areas where the quicksands lie.
At once the unhappy King shut himself away in his hut, where no women and only a few advisors were admitted, and spent his whole day drawing the impala and zebra skins prized by his people; he sketched smooth-muscled horses with frothy sweat on their withers and finely dight in heavy saddles, blood-dromedaries, and trumpeting she-elephants, herds of blorting cattle, cows with full udders splashing milk to the ground, ya-honking birds, and other creatures of the animal and spirit worlds elementals and ifrits - which queued boldly out behind the King like beasts fleeing a flood when he left his hut that evening.