IFRPInmate Financial Responsibility Program (US Bureau of Prisons)
IFRPInternational Fertility Research Program (est. 1975)
IFRPInshore Fisheries Research Project (South Pacific Commission)
IFRPInfant Feeding Research Project (est. 2003)
IFRPInhibitors of Free Radical Processes
IFRPIndex of Free Radical Production
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In its latest report the IFRP recommends flags, party emblems and memorials should be banned at MLAs' offices.
The IFRP report also proposes that politicians should register their attendance at Stormont.
The court held that the officials were entitled to qualified immunity from the inmates' Bivens claims that they were improperly placed on Inmate Financial Responsibility Program (IFRP) "refusal" status, as it was not clear how, or even if, the inmates' constitutional rights would be implicated by being improperly placed on IFRP "refusal" status, and if placement did violate some constitutional right, that right was not so "clearly established" that officials could be expected to know their conduct violated Constitution.