IFRTIntellectual Freedom Round Table (American Library Association)
IFRTInvolved-Field Radiation Therapy (oncology)
IFRTInternal-Floating-Roof Tank
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IFRT (2004) Towards Sustainable Timber Production: A Review of Existing Logging Projects: Draft Observations and Recommendations Report, Independent Forestry Review Team, Report to the Inter-Agency Forestry Review Committee, Port Moresby
5%) and with 30 Gy versus 20 Gy of IFRT (12% versus 5.
It appears, therefore, that the IFRT and IFC were the major players in drafting the version of CD 19.
The award will be presented at ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA at the IFRT Awards Breakfast and Fundraiser on Saturday, June 23, 7:30 - 9 am.