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The IFSD is a pounds 750m project that started in 2001 and has created an environment for UK and overseas firms in finance and related sectors.
The IFSD is a financial-industry-specific, pre-equipped business area that was designed for fast-track locations by both U.
The entire area, which sits on the River Clyde and is proximal to the M8, Glasgow International Airport and the Glasgow Central Station, has a unique new-meets-old feel to it; many of the buildings that comprise the IFSD were completely rebuilt, keeping only the original cleaned and sand-blasted facades.
Based in converted warehousing in the Broomielaw area close to Glasgow city centre, the IFSD has attracted pounds 300m of investment and 9,000 jobs in five years.
The primary beneft of reducing time latency for fault detection and isolation to allow maintenance advisory by end of flight, reduces the possibility for collateral and secondary damage, thereby supporting the basic drivers for engine condition monitoring of reducing IFSDs and UERs and extending time on wing.