IFSMInformation Systems Management
IFSMInstallable File System Manager
IFSMInternational Federation of Societies for Microscopy
IFSMInternational Federation of Sports Medicine
IFSMInternational Forum on Systems and Mechatronics (Taiwan)
IFSMInterim Fleet Satellite Communications Spectrum Monitor
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The ingredients of an N-map IFSM on X are (Forte and Vrscay, 1995; 1999)
Associated with the N-map IFSM (w, [theta]) is the fractal transform operator T, the action of which on a function u [member of] X is given by
The squared collage distance function associated with an N-map IFSM may be written as a quadratic form,
The inverse problem associated with IFSM can, in principle, be solved to arbitrary accuracy, using a procedure defined in Forte and Vrscay (1995).
We now formulate a Random IFSM fractal transform that is analogous to the deterministic fractal transform in Eq.
We used IFSM to extrapolate the N cycling data measured on the Karkendamm farm to whole farm systems.
We also applied IFSM to evaluate the feasibility of the nutrient conservation technologies and management strategies used at De Marke.
Abbreviations: DAFOSYM, Dairy Forage System Model; DM, dry matter; IFSM, Integrated Farming System Model.
IFSM were appointed in April to deliver substantial savings, as well as enhancing the brand values of British Airways CitiExpress by providing fully managed, comprehensive in-flight catering services at the most cost effective price.
Theorem 5 (Forte and Vrscay, 1998a) Let (w, [PHI]) be an IFSM as defined above, with spatial contractions [W.
u](x) of this IFSM is the famous "Devil's staircase function," sketched in Fig.
It is also convenient to define IFSM operators with condensation functions.