IFTFInstitute For The Future
IFTFInter Frame Time Fill
IFTFInternational Fur Trade Federation
IFTFIntegrated Framework Trust Fund (est. 2001)
IFTFInter-Faith Task Force
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IFTF would describe this dynamic as a human-machine partnership in action.
This is a future in which anything is possible--a sentiment shared by Jordon Howard, a Social Good Strategist, millennial, and IFTF workshop delegate, "Many of the complex issues facing society today are rooted in waste, inefficiency, and simply not knowing stuff, like how to stop certain genes from mutating.
In the IFTF report, the term "situational adaptability" is used.
At IFTF, we have adapted an approach developed at the University of Hawaii.
IFTF argues that fur farming has environmental benefits, such as providing good use for 647,000 tons of animal by-products each year from Europe's fish and meat industries alone (they are fed to the captive animals), and generating a lot of manure, sold as organic fertilizer.
In fact, IFTF revealed the emergence of a new function in Fortune 1000 workforces - "mission control.
IFTF identified a backlash to this notion of constant and immediate access.