IFVAIndependent Film and Video Alliance (Canada)
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Film Festival and HAF, and a cluster of other events including the Digital Cinemas and VFX Summit, the IFVA festival, two pop music events and the Hong Kong Film Awards to create a nexus of events known as Entertainment Expo.
Areas in public health for which interns felt less prepared upon reaching their first assignment included the Installation Food Vulnerability Assessment (IFVA) program, IFVA team development and its annual briefing to the installation commander in accordance with the US Army Food and Water Vulnerability Assessment Guide,* approved sources tracking for temporary vendors such as food trucks on the installation, the role of Veterinary Services in Moral, Welfare, and Recreation special events, and involvement of Veterinary Services in installation emergency support plans.
IFVA alumni include Raman Hui, supervising animator on "Antz" and the "Shrek" pics.