IFWGIntelligence Functional Working Group
IFWGInterface Working Group
IFWGInternational Funeral Workers Guild
IFWGIntel Functional Working Group
IFWGInteroperability Framework Working Group (Australia)
IFWGInnova FibaPrint White Gloss (paper; Innova Digital Art)
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Let f : (X, [tau]) [right arrow] (Y, [sigma]) be an IFWG irresolute mapping from an IFTS (X, [tau]) onto an IFTS (Y, [sigma]).
Let f : (X, [tau]) [right arrow] (Y, [sigma]) be an IFWG * open bijective mapping from an IFTS (X, [tau]) onto an IFTS (Y, [sigma]).
84) For example, the IFWG facilitated the employment of Filipino women, including marriage migrants, in the 2000 Sydney Olympics that I witnessed at that time.
IFWG is shaping women's citizenship and community activism in the lives of immigrant women.
In the case of IFWG racialized immigrants transform marginality and exclusion into an exercise of belonging and citizenship, with many activities serving as facilitative avenues of "lived activism.
Community groups like the IFWG empower immigrant women in Australia.
IFWG activities foster the development of personal confidence, create new social relationships, promote awareness of Australian citizenship, and support transnational ventures.
New social relationships are created in interacting with other members of IFWG.
Nora confides that after being married for five years to a pensioner she secretly sought the advice of her Filipino friends at IFWG who helped her find welfare agencies.
Active involvement in different volunteer work in IFWG allows the women to do something for themselves and for others.
There are other examples and mechanisms for effecting changes in personal relationships apparently bolstered by participation in IFWG that cannot be contained in this brief exposition.
IFWG provides assistance to indigents in the Philippines through the personal donations of its members or through solicitations from the community.