IFYCInter-Faith Youth Core (Chicago, IL)
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By early 2011, IFYC was working in partnership with the White House in launching the president's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, an initiative urging institutions to commit to a year of "interfaith cooperation and community service programming on campus.
IFYC documents say more than 400 schools responded to the White House challenge with more than 270 submitting action plans that ranged from area outreach efforts across religious lines to community service programs that gathered food for the hungry and helped Habitat for Humanity build houses.
The Morehouse group had heard Patel speak earlier, got the message and started an IFYC chapter of about 14 people.
No matter what field you go into, you are going to encounter people of different faiths," Craft said, suggesting the IFYC movement can help today's youth better embrace the oncoming globalization of world economies.
On her first day of work as an intern at IFYC last fall, Karina Harty-Morrison's co-workers greeted her with questions about her faith journey and beliefs.
The leaders of IFYC are committed to living out their diverse faiths together everyday in the office, but this is not enough.
The IFYC has discovered that, especially when working with young people, stories are a matchless tool for interfaith sharing and thus understanding.
In all IFYC dialogue curricula the questions always start with, "Tell a story of a time when--.
These two modes of dialogue are useful and necessary in the broader field, but the IFYC believes more productive conversations occur among people who already possess pluralist relationships with each other.
This youth empowerment promotes young people to be what the IFYC calls "scholars of their own experience.
One excellent example of such a master narrative comes from Jenan, a Muslim member of the IFYC staff: