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IGFInsulin-like Growth Factor
IGFInternet Governance Forum (Geneva, Switzerland)
IGFIndependent Games Festival
IGFIdentity Governance Framework (Oracle, CA, HP, Novell, Sun and others)
IGFInternational Golf Federation
IGFGlobal Infrastructure Index Fund
IGFIBM Global Financing
IGFInstitute of Geophysics
IGFInstitute of Geophysics (Polish Academy of Sciences)
IGFInstitut de Génomique Fonctionnelle (France)
IGFIndependent Gay Forum
IGFInternational Gymnastics Federation
IGFInternational Genetics Federation
IGFInoki Genome Federation (professional wrestling promotion in Japan)
IGFInduced Gas Flotation
IGFInternational Gateway Facility
IGFInternational Garden Festival
IGFInternational Gatka Federation
IGFIndependent Growth Finance Ltd
IGFInset Graphics Format
IGFInspector General of Fortifications
IGFInherently Governmental Functions
IGFIrreducible Green Function
IGFIndigent Gentlewomen's Fund (UK)
IGFInternational Grating and Flanges, Inc.
IGFInternational Guitar Foundation and Festival (UK)
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38-42) While the concept of attacking these IGF pathways looked so exciting in preclinical experiments, results of the ".
Second, those who embrace the hypothesis that IGF is indeed an autism biomarker should advocate and encourage breastfeeding as a highly accessible means of supplementing an infant's natural levels of the protein.
Expression of mRNA encoding IGF-I, Expression of mRNA encoding IGF-I, IGF-II and type 1 IGF receptor in bovine ovarian follicles.
Shepherd et al [151] reported that salinity acclimation affects the somatotropic axis in rainbow trout with IGF I and related peptides.
The formal launch of the India chapter is expected before the next global IGF to be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, in September 2010.
2003) A low fat diet and/or strenuous exercise alters the IGF axis in vivo and reduces prostate tumor cell growth in vitro.
Three critical early findings have been substantial for subsequent research on IGF 1/2 signaling.
IGF system expression has been largely explored in the bovine follicular wall whereas it remains poorly studied in the COC.
Celulas de la teca interna y de la granulosa tienen una concentracion creciente de RNAm para el receptor 1 del IGF (IGFR-1), especialmente durante el desarrollo final del foliculo (5).
Asi mismo, los niveles del mensajero de la principal proteina de union a IGF, IGFBP-3, medidos por Northern blot resultaron elevados en los animales restringidos nutricionalmente, lo que sugiere un incremento en la rata de formacion de los complejos con el IGF-I circulante o producido localmente.
Nearly 85% of IGF-1 is bound in a complex with IGF binding protein 3 (IGF-BP-3) and ALS.
The second component is the type-1 IGF receptor (IGF-1R).