IGHLInferior Glenohumeral Ligament
IGHLIndependent Group Home Living
IGHLInstitute of Genealogy and History for Latin (Utah)
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Table 1 Classification of Recurrent Instability Dislocation Subluxation Apprehension Chronic pain Table 2 Risk Factors for Recurrent Instability Patient-related Young age Male gender Contact/Collision sports Surgeon-related Misdiagnosis (posterior instability/MDI/IGHL) Technical factors Failure to address pathology Non-anatomic labral repair < 3 anchors used incorrect drill hole placement inadequate restoration of glenoid concavity Pathology-related Glenoid bone loss > 25% Stretched IGHL Anterior hyperlaxity Large Hill-Sachs Concominant pathology (SLAP tears, rotator cuff tears, HAGL lesions, etc.
Better coaptation of the capsulolabral tear to the glenoid rim would augment the resistance imparted by IGHL and restore the chock block effect of the labrum, greatly enhancing static stability anteriorly.
Next, the pin is used to spear the IGHL near the attachment to the separated anterior glenoid labrum.
Risk factors for failed arthroscopic stabilization included males under 18 years of age, collision athletes, bone deficiencies on the glenoid, the absence of a Bankart lesion, an attenuated IGHL complex, rotator interval lesions, and short immobilization periods.
Jason Isaacs HIGHLY IGHLY IGHL respected for his TV and film work, the Childwall-born actor is probably best-known for his role in the Harry Potter films as Lucius Malfoy.