IGOTInspector General of Taxation (Australia)
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IGOT my first pair of Doc Marten boots last year when I was 37.
IGOT Raceform Interactive to pull out all middle-distance handicaps staged in Britain in the last three seasons that had Class 3 status or above and that attracted a double-figure field, and compiled a list of horses aged three or four who had been able to record a top-two finish after being settled in midfield or rear in the early stages (see panel, top left).
IGOT, which sponsors this trauma course, was started by faculty and residents of UCSF in 2006 to improve the health care of underserved populations affected by orthopaedic disease and trauma.
First published in the Weekender on September 12, 1985 IGOT another stupid letter last week from a man who wrote to ask me when I had last backed a winner.
IGOT a parking ticket after I left my car at a retail park to go shopping.
IGOT flu the first week in November - tickly throat, niggly cough, headache for the next two weeks and then it came.
IGOT an email from a guy at the English FA who has been helping me out with some stuff the other day and, recognising that the England v Germany game was coming up, he signed it off "may the best team win".
IGOT a windfall of shares from my building society in 1997 as part of their demutualisation.
Q IGOT roped into a three in a bed situation with another girl.