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IGOUGOI Go, You Go (gaming)
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IgoUgo is a community of avid travelers who share their experiences by writing travel journals and posting digital images of their trips, which can then be viewed by any other user.
There are three reasons most IgoUgo users dedicate so much time and energy to writing about their travels, Donnelly says.
Travelocity offers consumer travel services also owns and operates: Travelocity Business for corporate travel; igougo.
Travelocity offers its namesake travel site, along with Travelocity Business for corporate travel; igougo.
Most recently he was the Director and COO of IgoUgo, an online travel planning and content site owned by Travelocity, where he was in charge of operations, strategy, business development and product functions.
Travelocity also owns and operates: Travelocity Business(R) for corporate travel; igougo.
In July, IgoUgo travel blog, a partner of Travelocity, called gophila.
Sitelet Aggregates Best-in-Class Destination Content from IgoUgo, Lonely Planet and Travel + Leisure
Local Color aggregates best-in-class destination content from three strategic partners -- Lonely Planet, IgoUgo, and Travel + Leisure -- into one easily navigated, searchable, and engaging experience.
Teaming up with innovative travel community IgoUgo.
After the final clue has aired on Friday, January 20, viewers can choose their dream vacation from 100 amazing journeys on IgoUgo.
The correct answer will send the lucky winner on the vacation of a lifetime: anywhere in the world they want to go, with the help of IgoUgo.