IGXInspector General Exercise
IGXIntelligraphics (Dallas, TX, USA company; developer of computer device drivers)
IGXIntegrated Services Digital Network Gateway Exchange
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The Playstation VR was showcased last year at IGX and this time, the number of consoles with the PSVR almost doubled.
We are excited about our new website launch and the robust information it provides for customers, investors, and partners to better understand our offerings and commitment to supporting organizations global requirements, said Thomas Duffy, regional vice president of sales for IGX Global at ePlus.
US company Lincoln Composites Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norwegian group Hexagon Composites ASA, announced on Thursday (29 March) that it has received a USD1m order from IGX Group.
IGX is part of the Extreme Scene, near the Ice Center, which also features rock climbing, remote control race cars, hip-hop dancing and martial arts exhibitions.
Just like last year's IGX, the latest in gaming was all available in the various booths for people to try out to their heart's desire.
subsidiary has acquired the businesses of security solutions firms IGX Acquisition Global, LLC, IGX Global UK Ltd.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 11, 2015-ePlus Acquires Security Solutions Group IGX
No other IGX booth saw the sort of response that this stall with no name witnessed.
Luxfer Holdings PLC (Luxfer Group) (NYSE:LXFR), a materials technology company, revealed on Monday that it signed a joint venture (JV) with GTM Technologies' owners, a division of IGX Group Inc that supplies industrial gases and gas-related equipment.
The Voice Switching Lab includes 48-hours of detailed training on REDCOM IGX, AVAYA Private Branch Exchange Vantage Switch, and Switch Multiplexer Unit.
NIPR DSN connectivity was accomplished by connecting two T1s off REDCOM IGX analogue voice switches at the DMAIN and DREAR to Cisco ITS routers, which tied into NIPR call managers.
The Joint Circuit Switch Network consisted of single shelter switches AN/ TTC-56, Node Centers AN/TTC47, and REDCOM IGX switches.