IGOInter-Governmental Organization
IGOIn Good Order (verifying documents)
IGOInspector General's Office
IGOInside Gamer Online (video game website)
IGOIndustrial Gas Oil
IGOIowa Geocachers Organization
IGOInternational Gatka Organisation
IGOINMARSAT Geostationary Overlay (Telcordia)
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Based on its prior experience in group life, and after evaluating the North American insurance market to identify the area of greatest need, IGO concluded the group life market is underserved by technology, with few modern administration solutions available that are capable of meeting the market's automation, collaboration.
The technically advanced and feature-rich iGO primo[R] app now fits all this experience into the size of your palm," says Tamas Vahl, CEO at NNG LLC.
Navigation solutions provider NNG reported today the launch of its iGO primo China edition for automotive line-fit, dealer-fit and aftermarket projects.
Michael D Heil, the company president and chief executive officer, said, 'iGo is proud to have received the first patent relating to our innovative iGo Green Technology.
iGo Laptop Charger charges laptop and other devices from any standard wall outlet and offers automatic shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power.
Citing perceptions, reflections, or assessments which the IGO interviewees could have provided would yield a better grounded picture.
NGO and IGO web sites are usually very good places to find statistics, but they must be carefully evaluated because all NGOs and IGOs have agendas.
No longer, as the battery-operated (bow's that for irony) Igo Mini has a pair of accessible magnet-screwbits designed for extra-small screw sizes.
The igo 2451 is an ideal companion for those who want to stay connected to family, friends or college, wherever they are.
A lower court affirmed the commissioner's decision, but Igo appealed, arguing that the wrong standard of evidence was used.
Shaq will serve as ambassador of iGo Green rechargeable alkaline batteries, which give consumers rechargeable batteries at throw-away prices, providing a significant value.
As part of the programme, the company said it will offer a range of new products, including a custom Flip iGo Charge Anywhere, the new iGo Overtime Backup Battery and the new iGo Pocket Projector.