IHADI Have a Dream (foundation; various locations)
IHADIndian Hill Athletic Department (Ohio)
IHADInteragency Homeland Air Defense
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IHAD the pleasure last Sunday of being a panellist on BBC Radio Wales' news review Something Else.
IHAD to change a spark plug recently and noticed that a belt of white material around its midriff was made of the same stuff which gives so many 'celebrities' today their fake, gleaming smiles.
IHAD heard good reports about Whites Cafe and Bistro so, along with partner Ian, I decided it was time to give the place a try.
IHAD just had a very emotional holiday in Majorca - well halfway through the week I did.
IHAD a flu jab and immediately broke out in a sweat.
IHAD some of the girls over for dinner last week for a post-Christmas, pre-New Year catch-up - given that the weather had kept us apart over Christmas week.
IHAD an unnerving feeling while in the Selhurst Park press box on Monday night.
IHAD A good weekend last Saturday and Sunday, correctly predicting that Joe McElderry would win The X Factor and that Ryan Giggs should win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award, too.
IHAD vowed to try not to take my football so seriously this season - sadly, it seems, many of our players have decided to do likewise.
IHAD a phone call from S4C after I wrote in last week's column that, thanks to the digital switch-over, I can no longer receive Welsh TV.
IHAD an extraordinary 24 hours recently involving the full pomp of old English tradition, swiftly followed by a Chinese event of equal splendour.
IHAD to look twice when I read that a luxury Lake District hotel was offering a romantic break - for threesomes.