IHASI Hear America Singing (Walt Whitman poem)
IHASIndependent Healthcare Advisory Services (UK)
IHASIntegrated Helmet Assembly Subsystem
IHASInteragency Homeland Air Security (Department of Defense, Joint Staff)
IHASIntegrated Hazard Awareness System
IHASIntegrated Helicopter Avionics System
IHASIntegrated Home Automated Solutions
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According to the questions raised and the needs presented by the search for innovation in training for health professionals, the composition of IHAS was associated with the IBH.
According to one student, a professor of a discipline in a different unit from IHAS, comparing the students of a professional course to students of an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree, said in class that the former passed to study at UFBA through a tighter funnel (i.
The other professor was one of the first people to join the teaching staff of IHAS and therefore participated in the selection of other professors.
Para el IHAS el rango de puntuaciones fue de 33 a 97 en donde las puntuaciones mas bajas representan menor nivel de asertividad (M = 73.
IHAS director Sally Taber said: "We've heard stories of Botox parties and people going to even garden sheds (to have treatment).
If the owners are returning from a trip, or are travelling to Spain from their home in the UK, they can use the IHAS to turn-on the air-conditioning or pool heating before they leave home.
IHAS is the key to relaxation in a EuroCenter villa because it controls all electronic equipment needed to provide music and on-screen entertainment.
Sharing space with the night-vision capability on the IHAS is a helmet-mounted laser warner, provided by Tracor Aerospace Inc.
Whether the KSN770 will appeal to existing IHAS owners is anyone's guess, but if BendixKing can get shops to embrace it, or even mention it as a viable option, IHAS-replacement could be its niche market.
To make the IHAS concept a reality "we need the capability to effectively monitor and control the airspace so that we can distinguish between an inadvertent pilot deviation and a hostile cruise missile or hijacked airliner, and we have to do it without shutting down the nation's air commerce," says Rear Adm.
The Avidyne traffic products on the widest variety of displays already, but now Avidyne is offering its own complete system to compete with the Honeywell Bendix/King IHAS line.