IHATIraq Historic Allegations Team (UK)
IHATIntegrated Hardware in the Loop Avionics Test
IHATInterpersonal Hostility Assessment Technique
IHATIntelligent Human Assistive Technology (trademark of Achinoetics, LLC)
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According to a UK government spokesperson quoted in the report, "We have a legal responsibility to investigate credible allegations of wrongdoing by UK forces, and that is what we are already doing as part of service police legacy investigations, which is reviewing the relatively small number of remaining cases after the closure of IHAT.
Critics have disparaged IHAT for its slow speed of working.
He said the IHAT panel, which included members of the Royal Navy Police, failed to meet "the relevant standard of independence".
The Integrated Hardware In-the-Loop Avionics Test facility, or IHAT, will be added in an existing building at Edwards' Integration Facility for Avionics Systems Testing.
But three appeal judges ruled that IHAT, made up of civilian
But the appeal court ruled IHAT, comprised of civilian investigators and members of the Royal Military Police, lacked "the requisite independence".
Ministers set up IHAT last year to investigate the large number of allegations which were emerging from Iraq amid calls for a public inquiry into the claims.
Our source described the PS35million IHAT investigation as a "ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money".
Today three appeal judges ruled that IHAT "lacks independence" and ordered
The IHAT began work in November 2010 to ensure that all allegations are, or have been, investigated appropriately.
Transmission growth is aided by advent of advanced automatic transmission systems such as CVT, IVT, AMT, IHAT and DCT, and stringent emission norms to reduce pollution, among others.