IHAVEInternational Hate and Violence Education Foundation
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IHAVE never played cricket and I've never watched it for any longer than it takes to find the remote control and turn it over.
IHAVE never smoked and I do not like being in smoky atmospheres.
IHAVE been asked to put a word in for the `Festival Shindig', the party organised by Cheltenham's new Club 16-24 at the racecourse on the evening of the Tote Gold Cup.
IHAVE been following the ongoing internecine battle of the great people of Liverpool as towho is responsible for the present economic mess.
IHAVE always been curiously immune to the magic of horse racing but its current plight is sad to witness.
IHAVE to congratulate Richard Williamson on his remarks about the videos being sold at Birmingham's Central Mosque.
IHAVE read with interest the letters of people in Cardiff complaining about the rubbish and litter on our streets.
IHAVE had a concessionary travel pass for 12 years.
IHAVE to admit that I'd never gone to see a musical at the theatre.