IHDRIncremental Hierarchical Discriminant Regression
IHDRInteractive Health Data Repository (formerly Interactive Clinical Data Repository)
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IHDR has recently announced that it was able to plan for as little as 30 p.
IHDR, and its predecessor company ICI, had built four functioning prototypes utilizing the system, two of which operated under pressure for years, before the build out of the 12 cylinder radial system for production.
IHDR, as a founding partner of the Joint Venture can sponsor other companies as sub-partners of IHDR whose technologies will be built in Europe in the renewable energy arena.
Concurrent with the Joint Venture agreement, IHDR will proceed with the production of Energy Commander units through Cm2 in Terni, Italy, until the Joint Venture facility is ready to take over production.
IHDR and ETIG / MacGregor's agreement provides for the initial purchase of 100 Energy Commander Units with a total unit purchase price of $2,250,000.
The many provisions of this agreement give us a sound footing for deployment of an energy source the world simply does not appreciate today," stated IHDR President and CEO Craig A.
IHDR specializes in a unique patented low-impact hydro system for use in industrial, residential and natural flows to produce electricity.
IHDR specializes in a unique patented low impact hydro system for use in industrial, residential and natural flows to produce electricity.
The EC IV unit operated in extended time tests using common water flow and low pressure in a manner that produced mechanical power beyond what we expected," stated Jerry Cain, Project Engineer for IHDR.
IHDR envisions that there will be many areas for use of the Energy Commander system in both natural and man-made flows.
IHDR CEO Craig Huffman explains, "Early excitement for our Energy Commander IV generators to be installed has increased dramatically due to the successful demonstrations to date of the unit's ability to generate usable and ecologically sound electricity for our clients.
The relationship will mean sharing of engineering, marketing, funding resources, and management resources, with a possible acquisition by IHDR of Kinetic in the future.