IHMSAInternational Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
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Of internal-hammer, tipping-barrel design, it was once quite popular among both hunters and IHMSA competitors.
We postponed additional IHMSA orders to supply our dealers, who were demanding the long-barreled target pistol.
Having known Jim personally, and shot with him at several big IHMSA matches over the years, my only question is how did his daughter turn out so well?
I was just getting started in the gun writing business on a regular basis, doing most of my work for two journals--The Sixgunner from Handgun Hunters International; and The Silhouette, official newspaper of IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association).
The Wesson Firearms Super Ram will first be seen at the IHMSA Internationals.
The 2002 IHMSA International Championships, held at the newly-completed IHMSA silhouette shooting range near Midvale, Ohio, showed a tremendous upswing in participation.
IHMSA has begun offering Air Pistol in a wide variety of categories, which, along with the .
In the last few years, IHMSA has introduced new scoped freestyle categories to compliment several existing scoped standing categories.
And there are the TCU, IHMSA, and Herrett lines along with the popular Remington BR round in 6mm.
Examples of the targets and their sizes are available on the IHMSA web site, www.
Way back in the mid-'80s, Elgin Gates of IHMSA sent me an early Dan Wesson Pistol Pack in the then-new chambering of .
In fact, IHMSA, IPSC and American Handgunner share a mutual birthday.