IIFASIowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale
IIFASIntegration of Intelligence From All Sources
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A face-to-face interview was conducted with each mother before the discharge to administer the IIFAS questionnaire and collect demographic variables.
Table-2: Relationship between the characteristics of the participants and the IIFAS point averages.
To our knowledge, this is the first study to validate the IIFAS in post-partum mothers in Turkey.
8 In this study, the IIFAS internal consistency alpha coefficient (the Cronbach's alpha coefficient) for two groups in the post-partum period was found to be strong between 0.
The IIFAS scale total mean score of mothers who participated in our study was found to be 48.
005) between the mothers who fed their previous children only with mother's milk during the first six months and the mothers who fed their children with mother's milk and formula, and the IIFAS score averages were found to be high.
25 In the IIFAS scale, a majority of the mothers (55.
31 In the IIFAS scale, almost half of the mothers who participated in our study stated that they agreed with the statement of "there is not enough iron in the mother's milk".