IIFCIndia Infrastructure Finance Company
IIFCInfrastructure Investment Facilitation Center (Bangladesh)
IIFCInternational Institute for FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) in Construction (Canada)
IIFCInhibition of Incoming Forwarded Calls
IIFCIslamic International Foundation of Cooperation (Qom, Iran)
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At the time, the World Council had a number of efforts underway to help earthquake victims in Haiti, but a representative with the council pointed us in the direction of the emerging IIFCs in Afghanistan," he said.
In March 2009, the RBI released the first tranche of USD 250 million to IIFC Plc, the UK subsidiary of IIFCL.
The IIFC, also supported in the Arup in the planning phase, is due to come online by the end of 2016.
The IIFC cannot be compensated in addition to the agreed upon terms of the contract.
The IIFC Group also maintains close relationships with the World Council of Credit Unions and the U.
In some countries, such as Afghanistan, that is easier said than done, because when credit union board members stick their necks out, it's literal, as IIFC Group CEO Mahir Mohammed explained.
It is located between the Atasehir and E[pounds sterling]mraniye districts and the IIFC will hold the head offices of the country's financial market governing bodies, state-owned and private banks, and related businesses.
The IIFC is also supported in the Arup in the planning phase.
To this end, in the autumn of 2011, Mohammed and other executives with the IIFC Group organized tours of IIFCs and opportunities for leaders from the national government and local governments to meet their members.
Such trips are crucially important, Mohammed explained, because the IIFC Group has taken some pains to help Afghans see the IIFCs as primarily Afghan institutions, created and supported by Afghans.
The World Council of Credit Unions said in the last quarter alone, 30 IIFC or credit unions distributed nearly 8,000 loans worth $7.